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Golden Ear Awards Program

2014 Golden Ear Awards Ballot
Cast your ballot by March 15

Golden Ear Awards Ceremony
Monday, March 16, 7pm
The Royal Room
Music by the Kareem Kandi Trio

Each year, the Golden Ear Awards recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements of the previous year in Seattle jazz. In the process, Seattle jazz fans and performers can take stock of and show gratitude for the region’s vibrant jazz ecology. The awards are determined by a combination of nominations and popular vote. Nominees this year were selected by a poll of Earshot Jazz readers, jazz performers, audience members, journalists and industry professionals. There are eight Golden Ear Award categories, including induction into the Seattle Jazz Hall of Fame.

Please vote online at, by email to, or mail your selections to Earshot Jazz, 3429 Fremont Place N, #309, Seattle, WA 98103, by March15.

Golden Ear Awards presentation and concert TBD

2014 NW Recording of the Year:

__ Ann Reynolds' Clave Gringa, Para Cuba Con Amor
__ Burn List, Burn List
__ Chemical Clock, Bad Habitat
__ Thomas Marriott,Urban Folklore
__ Other: _________________________

2014 NW Acoustic Jazz Ensemble:

__ Alex Dugdale & the FADE Quartet
__ Jacob Zimmerman Quintet
__ Sequoia
__ Steve Griggs Ensemble
__ Other:_________________________

2014 NW Alternative Jazz Group:

__ Bad Luck
__ Crystal Beth & the Boom Boom Band
__ Industrial Revelation
__ Trimtab
__ Other: _________________________

2014 NW Jazz Instrumentalist of the Year:

__ Anton Schwartz
__ Evan Flory-Barnes
__ Kate Olson
__ Thomas Marriott
__ Other: _________________________

2014 Emerging Artist or Group:

__ Ann Reynolds
__ Carmen Rothwell
__ Delvon Lamarr
__ Levi Gillis
__ Other: _________________________

2014 NW Vocalist of the Year:

__ Greta Matassa
__ Johnaye Kendrick
__ Katie Jacobson
__ Leah Natale
__ Other: _________________________

2014 NW Concert of the Year:

__ Table & Chairs Showcase (netcat, Cavity Fang, Japanese Guy, King Tears Bat Trip), Ballard Jazz Walk, April 18
__ Human Feel / The Westerlies, Seattle Art Museum, June 27
__ Tribute to Charlie Haden, Chapel Performance Space, September 25
__ Monk 10/10, Town Hall, October 10
__ Other: _________________________

Seattle Jazz Hall of Fame Nominees
For a list of Seattle Jazz Hall of Famers, go to

__ Amy Denio
__ Gary Bannister
__ Greta Matassa
__ Ruby Bishop
__ Other: _________________________



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