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Golden Ear Awards Program

Awards Ceremony
Sunday, March 20, 2011
Tula's Nightclub and Restaurant, 7pm


The nominations included on the final voter ballot are drawn from a consensus of the suggestions Earshot Jazz receives. The final ballots consider work accomplished in the previous calendar year and are intended to recognize and reward artists and ensembles whose work for the prior year stands out as exemplary. Ballot write-in votes are also accepted. As always, the goal of this process is to get a sense of what the fans and musicians actually admire and support, not who can stuff the ballot box most!

Due March 15, 2011

Please vote today using ONE of the following methods:
1) Online by submitting the form below, or
2) Send an email with your choices to, or
3) Print a pdf file of the ballot and mail your selections to the Earshot Jazz office at 3429 Fremont Place N, #309, Seattle WA, 98103.

One ballot per person.

2010 NW Recording of the Year:

Ziggurat Quartet, Calculated Gestures
Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra w/ Jimmy Heath, The Endless Search
Speak, Speak
The Kora Band, Cascades

2010 NW Acoustic Jazz Group:

Thomas Marriott's Flexicon
Ziggurat Quartet
Susan Pascal Quartet

2010 NW Alternative Jazz Group:

Ask the Ages
Empty Cage

2010 NW Jazz Instrumentalist:

Bill Anschell
Travis Ranney
Stuart Dempster
Thomas Marriott

Emerging Artist or Group of 2010:

Evan Woodle
Luke Bergman
Operation ID
Paul Kikuchi

2010 NW Vocalist of the Year:

Gail Pettis
Greta Mattassa
Valerie Joyce
Kelley Johnson

2010 NW Concert of the Year:

Matt Jorgensen "Tattooed by Passion" at the Earshot Jazz Festival
Celebrating Hadley Caliman at Jazz Alley
Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra w/ Gail Pettis: Big Band Monk and Mingus
Speak CD release at the Chapel Performance Space

Seattle Jazz Hall of Fame Nominees
(see below for a list of people already inducted)

Chuck Deardorf
Jeff Johnson
Cuong Vu
Wayne Horvitz

The Seatle Jazz Hall of Fame


Ernestine Anderson, Al Hood, Chuck Metcalf, Floyd Standifer


Buddy Catlett, Don Lanphere


Jabo Ward, Jim Wilke


Fred Greenwell, Melody Jones


Clarence Acox, Bud Young


Jerome Gray
1996 Norm Bobrow, William O. (Bill) Smith
1997 Lola Pedrini, Bill Ramsay
1998 Jan Stentz, Leon Vaughn
1999 Vonne Griffin, Red Kelly
2000 Bud Shank, Chuck Stentz
2001 John Dimitriou, Julian Priester
2002 Paul de Barros, Ken Wiley
2003 Ronnie Pierce, Jay Thomas
2004 Gaye Anderson, Hadley Caliman, Robert Knatt
2005 Gary Steele, Mack Waldron, Woody Woodhouse
2006 Jim Knapp, KPLU
2007 John Bishop, Dean Hodges
2008 Phil Sparks, KBCS 91.3 FM
2009 Marc Seales, Stuart Dempster

Earshot Jazz is a Seattle based nonprofit music, arts and service organization formed in 1984 to support jazz and increase awareness in the community.  Earshot Jazz publishes a monthly newsletter, presents creative music and educational programs, assists jazz artists, increases listenership, complements existing services and programs, and networks with the national and international jazz community.
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