July 2017

Volume 33, No. 7

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John Gilbreath

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Karen Caropepe

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Lydia Isayas


Caitlin Peterkin

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Halynn Blanchard, Marianne Gonterman, Andrew Luthringer, Philip McNally, Lloyd Peterson

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Lydia Isayas


Daniel Sheehan


Lydia Isayas & Karen Caropepe


Karen Caropepe & Earshot Jazz volunteers

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John Gilbreath photo by Bill Uznay

John Gilbreath photo by Bill Uznay

Summer Jazz

We usually get three months of nice weather here, and it starts…just about…NOW.

Over the year, that’s a 75/25 split. If trends continue as statistics have held, that means that 3,000 new residents will move into Seattle before we pull up the grey blanket again in October. Let’s not tell them.

But we do want everyone to know that there is a LOT of jazz to discover this summer, all around the sunny Sound. In addition to the embarrassment of riches offered up by summer festivals throughout the region, there are many opportunities to catch up with the richness of Seattle’s own incredible jazz scene. And it’s all detailed in this issue.

This issue also has the lowdown on a couple of major initiatives of note. Our own Jazz: The 2nd Century series runs each Thursday in July, and the Seattle Public Library’s Rhythm in Colors exhibit runs through this month and into the next.

Jazz: The 2nd Century is a continuation of the longest-running concert program of the Earshot Jazz organization. Begun in 1986 as New Jazz/New City, the series was conceived by Earshot founder Gary Bannister as an initiative to present original work by Seattle artists, selected by a blind jury of peers, to be presented in a respectful concert room setting. Check this year’s lineup at the beautiful Chapel Performance Space in Wallingford. Huge thanks to Steve Peters for his generous hospitality, and thanks to you for coming out to catch “the sound of surprise.”

We also offer huge thanks and congratulations to C. Davida Ingram and company at Seattle Public Library for mounting an in-depth look at Seattle Jazz. In their words, “Rhythm in Colors highlights our city’s storied history with jazz as a historic black art form that has influenced the world and animated our cultural landscape, bringing people together. Seattle jazz culture boasts a sweeping arc including award-winning musicians and music education programs.” Look for concerts, oral histories, and special exhibits at the Central Library all month.

Much to do, including becoming a member of Earshot Jazz! And, speaking of October, be on the lookout for special offers for early ticket purchases for the Earshot Jazz Festival, available to members only for a limited time.
See you out there!

–John Gilbreath, Executive Director

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