January 2020

Volume 36, No. 01

Executive Director

John Gilbreath

Managing Director

Karen Caropepe

Programs Manager

Tara Peters

Development Manager

Errin Patton

Marketing & Development Asssociate

Lucienne Aggarwal


Lucienne Aggagrwal & Tara Peters

Contributing Writers

Whitney Bashaw
Paul de Barros
Ian Gwin
Bryan Lineberry
Rayna Mathis
Paul Rauch

Calendar Editors

Carol Levin
Jane Emerson
Tara Peters


Daniel Sheehan


Tara Peters
Karen Caropepe


Karen Caropepe
Dan Dubie
Earshot Jazz volunteers

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Board of Directors

Danielle Leigh (President)
Chris Icasiano (Vice President)
Chris Nutter (Secretary)
Sheila Hughes (Treasurer)
John W. Comerford
Maurice James
Kenneth W. Masters
Gail Pettis
Ruby Smith Love
Diane Wah

Emeritus Board Members

Clarence Acox
Sue Coliton
Taina Honkalehto
Hideo Makihara
Kenneth W. Masters
Peter Monaghan
Lola Pedrini
Paul Toliver
Cuong Vu

Founded in 1984 by Paul de Barros, Gary Bannister, and Allen Youngblood.
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Letter from the Director

2020 Vision

Given the incredible growth in jazz over the last 10 years—both in global reach and sheer excel­lence—I’m optimistic about what we might see and hear from the art form in the coming decade. In fact, given that Seattle itself was the fastest growing city in America over the past 10 years, with 114,000 new citizens bump­ing our population up by 18.7%, I am equally optimistic about the potential upside for our city’s arts and cultural sensibilities.

Earshot Jazz is proud to hold a valuable place within Seattle’s remarkable cultural communi­ty. There is a civic value system around jazz here in Seattle that is unique in America. Building on that, we can’t wait to see how this next set of Roaring 20’s will evolve. We’ve certainly seen a lot of new faces at our programs in recent years, and we’re glad to welcome a younger and more inclusive audience that is clearly interested in engaging with a broad spec­trum of cultural experiences. And you know that can’t be bad.

I, myself, first came around the Earshot Jazz organization as a new Se­attleite in 1990. The first event I attended was the very first Golden Ear Awards party, upstairs at the old Lofurno’s on 15th Ave W. The music was sweet, the vibe was warm and welcoming, and I remember being a little knocked out that there was an organization that would honor the jazz artists who were living and working in the city. Having attended every Golden Ear Awards event since then, I can admit to still being humbled by the artistry and dedication that surrounds us, and even more convinced of the importance of formally recognizing it.

We’re excited about our circumstances in these coming years. We’re proud of the recent Downbeat magazine headline that says, “Earshot Serves as Platform for Thriving Seattle Scene,” and we resolve to redouble our work in support of the incredible ecosystem for jazz in this beautiful, fast-growing megabopolis. Please join us! –John Gilbreath, Executive Director

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