March 2021

Volume 37, No. 3

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John Gilbreath

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Karen Caropepe

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Lucienne Aggarwal


Lucienne Aggarwal

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Caitlin Carter

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Paul de Barros
Ian Gwin
Paul Rauch
Jonathan Shipley

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Carol Levin
Jane Emerson


Daniel Sheehan


Karen Caropepe


Karen Caropepe
Dan Dubie
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Letter From The Director

The Sound at the End of the Tunnel

First of all, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. Beyond that, here’s hoping that the longer, warmer, and brighter days of spring will shine some much-needed rays of optimism on the funky scenario into which these historic times have delivered us. With this March issue of Earshot Jazz, we’re finding hope in the jazz artists and audiences here in the Puget Sound region, delivering news that celebrates the past, present, and future of one of the most dynamic and resilient jazz scenes in America.

We’re delighted to begin this issue with a cover profile of Seattle JazzED. This city’s jazz education programs have always been nationally respected. So much so, that they’ve helped to build the civic value system for jazz here. But Seattle JazzED has taken the best of Seattle’s existing programs to a whole new level. Check Paul Rauch’s profile of JazzED’s investment in a jazz future of inclusion, accessibility, and swing.

March always brings the annual Golden Ear and Seattle Jazz Hall of Fame Awards to Seattle. In addition to its core mission of recognizing outstanding accomplishments by our own resident artists each year, the awards are also a great opportunity for the long view, to take stock of the overall face and sound of this incredible community, especially through these difficult times.

These individual artists are the standard-bearers for our communal energies. We encourage you to join us online at our YouTube channel on March 12, 7:30pm, streaming from the Royal Room, with music by Alex Dugdale FADE Quartet.

We’re also super excited to be launching an amazing schedule of weekly livestream concerts, produced under all safety protocols from two major venues, and providing some much-needed churn in the stagnant waters of paid gigs for Seattle artists! We’ll be weekly on Friday nights from the Royal Room, and bi-weekly on Saturday nights from Town Hall Seattle. Check the schedules in this issue, and warm up the old hi-fi set for some great Seattle jazz, every week from Earshot Jazz with more details at earshot.org.

See? I told you we have good news. One can almost begin to imagine a gradual easing of our shared circumstances here in the Puget Sound region. The Sound at the end of the tunnel!

As always, we invite you to join us. It is so fantastic that this monthly magazine is still distributed free of charge all around the greater Seattle area. Shoutout to Dan Dubie, our distribution czar. You can also make a membership donation and receive it by US Mail. And you can always find us at earshot.org! See you at the Golden Ear Awards Party!!

Thank you!!


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