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Earshot’s Call for Composers Now Open!

Earshot Jazz is calling for composers from artists in the Puget Sound region! Selected commissions will be premiered at the 2023 Earshot Jazz Festival in October/November. 

How to apply:

Email the following materials to [email protected]

– Personal narrative: a short bio, of about 250 words or less
– Concept for the piece: about 3-6 sentences
– General info: your contact, social media handles for promo, and address
– An artistic sample or artistic composition of your typical work (can be audio alone, or audio accompanied by video/visuals)
– A representative artistic sample of the concept for newly commissioned composition (if different than typical work)
        – Does not have to be the same instrumentation as proposed work
        – This will help our community panel understand the project you are proposing, especially if it is different from your standard work

Both the artistic sample and representative artistic sample should be within 10 minutes. Young composers are encouraged to apply! 

More information:

A community panel will meet in February to review submissions and notifications of the panel’s decision will go out via email. Keep an eye on your inbox! Three composers will be selected to commision a musical work and will receive $3,000 each. Selected composers will receive two separate contracts: a “Contract for Commissioning A Musical Work” in March along with the commission payment, and another “Performance Agreement” with a separate payment  during next year’s festival.

Your commissioned work…

– Should be an original composition
– Should be a minimum of ten minutes
– Can be written for 3-7 artists
– Should result in a printed score, lead sheet, or some other form of graphic notation
– Must be completed prior to the 2023 Earshot Jazz Festival, by October 1, 2023

Earshot Jazz will have the exclusive right to present the world premiere of the work at the 2023 Earshot Jazz Festival. While the composer will retain ownership of the new composition. Newly commissioned work will remain the property of the artist/composer, and will not be used by Earshot Jazz without express written permission of the artist.


Application deadline is Tuesday, January 31, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. PST. 

If you have any further questions or concerns, reach out to [email protected]. We’re happy to help! We look forward to reviewing your submission. 

Photo of Leanna Keith (flute) and Kelsey Mines (bass) by Lisa Hagen Glynn

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