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Cuong Vu photo by Daniel Sheehan

Earshot Jazz encourages creative growth and jazz appreciation for students of all ages – musicians and non-musicians alike – by fostering a deeper connection to jazz’s rich cultural history and nurturing its ability to reflect on and respond to life today. It is these endless possibilities for personal expression and interpretation that enrich our lives and communities.

Earshot Jazz Education Programs

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Free programs for musicians and non-musicians

Working with the Schools

School assembly programs and presenting student ensembles

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Insights from resident artists

Bernie Jacobs, Roosevelt High School Jazz Band, and Samantha Boshnack photos by Daniel Sheehan

Studying jazz leads to studying all of the places it came from and the respective history and culture of those places. Playing jazz is a way to express yourself and release anything weighing you down or lifting you up.

Max Holmberg, Resident Artist & Leader of The Beaver Sessions

Jazz is a great introduction to improvisation which is a VERY gratifying musical thing to do, and I think it reaches young people as being a musical place with more individual expression than a lot of other styles. And for young people in particular, individual expression is vital.

Tristan Gianola, Resident Artist & Publicity/Booking at The Royal Room

Community Resources

Jazz education is alive and well,

from university and not-for-profit programs

to individual instruction.

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