Letter From The Director

John Gilbreath smiling in front of jazz art poster

Rhythm and Harmony

We each get out of bed, put our nose down, and do the work that’s in front of us; day after day. We have to. And whether we’re artists or Uber drivers, students or teachers, code writers or construction workers; we all need the occasional long view to put our lives into perspective, to get a sense of our own history, and to find an appreciation of ourselves and those around us.

This monthly Earshot Jazz magazine, now, incredibly, in its 36th year of publication, eagerly reflects the day-to-day activity in this jazz community; with news, previews, profiles and opportunities that are generally focused on the current period of time. And the hard-working Earshot administrative team, already working in an environment of deadlines, application cycles, tight budgets, and recurring program initiatives; does the work beautifully; day after day, month after month.

But we, too, can be mindful of the long view, realizing that we are essentially writing history every month. Taken as a single body of work, the 400 monthly issues of Earshot Jazz are a living document of one of the most vibrant jazz communities in the country. By the way, that means that close to two million individual copies have been distributed free of charge around the city through the years. As a major acknowledgement of that history, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is supporting a three-year process to digitize all 35 years of Earshot Jazz back issues, and all issues going forward, creating an interactive, open resource that will be available to all, in perpetuity.

As another marker of this incredible community, this month marks the 30th year of the Golden Ear and Seattle Jazz Hall of Fame Awards. Held annually since 1990, the process is intended to celebrate the accomplishments of Seattle artists over the previous year, and to memorialize those individuals whose dedication has helped to define Seattle’s jazz legacy. Please join us at the Royal Room March 9 to enjoy some incredible music and to meet some incredible musicians. Find details alongside a ballot (and please vote) and a list of the entire Seattle Jazz Hall of Fame … so far … on pages 4 & 5. As always, we welcome your feedback, participation, and financial support! Join us!

John Gilbreath, Executive Director


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February 28, 2020