Jazz Instructors Directory

Jazz Instructors Directory

In an effort to provide a space for Seattle area jazz instructors to promote their teaching practice, Earshot Jazz Magazine recently reached out to instructors in our community. We’ve recreated the directory to include updates including virtual methods of teaching. We realize this list is incomplete; if you’d like to be included in the online list, please send your details to editor@earshot.org.

Alexander Chadsey.

Offers individual and group lessons ages 8 and up in piano & jazz piano (all levels), music theory & composition, jazz harmony & improvisation, via Zoom, Skype, GarageBand, and Google Hangouts. Alexander loves helping students of all ages and at any point in their musical journey with a goal to support students in discovering a sure and steady path to realizing their full musical potential. Contact: alexchadsey.com; contact@duendelibre.com; Facebook, Instagram @duendemusica; 206-372-6368

Anna Doak.

Offers individual and group lessons to ages 3 and up in double bass via Zoom. Contact: basschurch.com, thebasschurch@aol.com, 206-784-6626

Amy Denio photo by Daniel Sheehan.

Anton Schwartz

Offers individual lessons for improvisation, theory & phrasing, all levels, via zoom. A passionate & expert educator (and nationally acclaimed saxophonist), Anton is a frequent clinician at the California Jazz Conservatory and the Brubeck Institute. He has been Artist in Residence at Harvard University and the Brubeck Summer Jazz Colony, and has been a featured clinician and guest soloist for countless university & high school jazz programs and summer workshops. He is also the author of a popular blog about jazz theory and improvisation and the creator of two apps, Random Roots and ScaleMate, that help jazz musicians internalize harmony. Contact: antonjazz.com/study.

Amy Denio.

Offers individual lessons to all ages in technical skill on saxophone, voice, piano, guitar, accordion, and clarinet, as well as ear training, improvising, composing, and audio production via Zoom, Skype, and WhatsApp. Contact: info@seattledrumschool.com

Ann Reynolds.

Offers individual lessons to ages 8 and up in jazz piano and Latin music, via Zoom and FaceTime. Contact: annreynoldsmusic.com; annpianista@gmail.com

Birch Pereira.

Offers individual lessons to all ages in upright/electric bass and ukulele all levels as well as piano and guitar at the intermediate level, via Zoom JamKazam. Contact: birchpereira@gmail.com

Brian Monroney.

Offers guitar lessons for middle school through adult learners, with a focus on solid musicianship (ear training, music theory, improvisation), via Zoom. Additional topics offered include composing, arranging and recording your own music, and usage of software such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Digital Performer and Finale. Contact: admiral.studio@icloud.com, 303-396-9273

Carlos Snaider.

Offers individual lessons to all ages in guitar, improvisation, and composition via Zoom. Contact: carlossnaider.com, carlossnaidermusic@gmail.com

Chuck Deardorf photo by Michelle Smith.

Chuck Deardorf.

Offers individual lessons to high schoolers and above in acoustic bass, electric bass, and improvisation techniques, via Zoom. Chuck teaches intermediate and advanced players primarily. Contact: chuckdeardorf.com, deardorfbass@comcast.net

Dan Greenblatt.

Offers individual and group lessons to all ages in saxophone, flute, improvisation, harmony, and composition via Zoom and Skype. Contact: dangreenblattmusic.com, dlgreenblatt@hotmail.com

Debby Boland Watt.

Offers individual and group lessons to ages 16 and up in voice, via Zoom. Debby teaches from beginning to advanced/professional voice levels. Known as a master teacher, strong vocalist, and improvisational performance artist, Debby’s technical instruction embraces classical, folk & spiritual, pop, jazz & free improvisation, a cappella circle singing, and spoken word genres. Debby also offers vocal preparation toward auditions and performances, and encourages recording sessions as a strong motive for study. Contact: debbybolandwatt.com, debbywatt@gmail.com

Dina Blade.

Offers group lessons to adults in voice, via Zoom. Contact: dinablade.com, dinablade@dinablade.com, 206-524-8283

Evan Woodle.

Offers individual lessons to all ages in drums, via Zoom. Evan has been a professional teacher since 2008—started with a snare drum in fourth grade and never stopped! A graduate of University of Washington (BM, Cum Laude, Jazz Studies) and Roosevelt High School, Evan makes sure to teach students what they are most interested in while also providing them with a strong musical foundation they can apply to any path! Contact: evanwoodle.com, eswoodle@gmail.com

Farko Dosumov.

Offers individual lessons to all ages in electric bass, via Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime. Students will require IReal Pro App for lessons. Contact: 206-372-5403

Greg Sinibaldi.

Offers individual lessons for advanced students in saxophone, EWI, synthesis, and composition, via Zoom and Skype. Contact: gregsinibaldi.com, greg@gregsinibaldi.com

Greg Williamson.

Offers individual and group lessons to all ages in drum set, vibes, percussion, scoring, and big band instruction, via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, FTF, and asynchronous email with recordings. Contact: greg@ponyboyrecords.com

Greta Matassa.

Offers individual lessons to ages 14 and up in jazz voice, master classes, clinics, and career guidance, via Zoom and FaceTime. Greta has been voted Earshot Jazz Vocalist of the year seven times and has also been inducted into the Seattle Jazz Hall of Fame. Contact: gretamatassa.com, gretamatassa@comcast.net, 206-941-2770

Haley Freedlund.

Offers individual lessons for beginning and intermediate trombonists via Zoom. Haley teaches a jazz-centered approach with a focus on musicianship and music appreciation, helping students discover what they love about the trombone and pursuing their own path on the instrument. Contact: haleyfreedlund.com, haley.freedlund@gmail.com

Heather Bentley photo by Rosemary Dai Ross.

Heather Bentley.

Offers individual lessons to ages 10 and up in violin and viola, via Zoom. Heather offers traditional string training plus improvising in a not-exactly-jazz way. Contact: heather@heatherbentleymusic.com

Jake Bergevin.

Offers individual lessons to middle and high school students in trumpet, via Zoom, SmartMusic, Audacity, MusicTheory.net, SoundTrap, and other options. Jake focuses on total musicianship including music theory, ear training, for all styles of trumpet. Contact: jakebergevinmusic.com

Jay Thomas photo by Daniel Sheehan.

Jay Thomas.

Offers individual and group lessons to all ages teaching trumpet, saxophone, and flute as well as jazz improvisation on any instrument, via Zoom, Skype, and over the phone. He covers material essential for the modern jazz player and also emphasizes how to practice. Jay taught jazz band at Garfield High School for over ten years and successfully ran the big band at South Seattle Community College also for ten years. As well as teaching at the UW, Cornish College, and Centrum Jazz Camps, Jay also teaches in upstate New York and Alaska. Contact: jaythomasjazz@aol.com

Jean Chaumont.

Offers individual lessons to ages 7 and up in jazz guitar, composition, film-scoring, via Zoom and Muzie Live. Contact: jeanchaumont.com, lessons@jeanchaumont.com, 609-216-9528

Joe Eck.

Offers individual and group lessons to all ages in drum set and percussion, via Zoom and Skype. Joe is open to work with any student regardless of age or experience level—even if they don’t own any gear. Contact: joeeckmusic@gmail.com, 651-894-2059

John Hansen.

Offers individual lessons to ages 8 and up in piano and keyboard, via Zoom, Skype, and Whereby. Contact: john@johnhansenjazz.com, 206-890-3685

Jovino Santos Neto.

Offers individual lessons to all ages in piano, theory, composition, music history, via Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and FaceTime. Contact: jovisan.net/lessons.html, jovino@jovisan.net or 206.276.3113

Julie Cascioppo.

Offers individual lessons to all ages in singing and care of the voice/coaching on performance/singing overseas, via Zoom. Julie performs on Facebook Live every Friday night at 7pm. Contact: juliesings.com, 206-286-2740

Kat Bula.

Offers individual and group lessons to tweens, teens, and adults, in fiddle and violin, via Zoom. Contact: katbula.com, hello@katbula.com

Kate Olson photo by Lisa Hagen Glynn.

Kate Olson.

Offers individual lessons to middle schoolers and above in primarily the saxophone, as well as flute and clarinet, via Zoom. Contact: kateplayssax.com, kate.plays.sax@gmail.com

Kelley Johnson.

Offers individual and group lessons to all ages in jazz singing and coaching at all levels including understanding harmony, band leading and arranging, beginning and intermediate jazz piano, and improvisation, via Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, MS Teams, and Whereby. Kelley is an international, award-winning vocalist: among them are U.S. State Department Jazz Ambassadors Touring and Teaching Artist, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Seattle-Kobe Sister City Association Female Jazz Vocalist, International JazzConnect Competition, and Earshot Jazz Vocalist of the Year. Contact: kelleyjohnson.com, kelley@kelleyjohnson.com, 206-890-2267 (texting is preferred)

Kelsey Mines.

Offers individual and group lessons to all ages in upright and electric bass, as well as music theory, via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, and UpBeat. Kelsey teaches a variety of genres, centering lessons around technique and musicianship so that each student is equipped to pursue their individual interests. Music theory lessons are not instrument- or genre-specific. Contact: kelseyminesbass.com, kelseymines@gmail.com, 206-427-1310

Kiki Valera photo courtesy of the artist.

Kiki Valera.

Offers individual lessons to adults in Cuban cuatro, tres and guitar, via Zoom and Skype. Contact: kikivalera.com, valera.kiki@gmail.com

Leanna Keith.

Offers individual and group lessons to ages 8 and up in flute, piccolo, alto flute, bass flute, improvisation, and composition, via Zoom and Skype. Contact: leannakeithflute.com leannakeith@gmail.com

Marc Smason.

Offers individual and group lessons to all ages in trombone—all styles and levels, as well as voice, theory, and composition, percussion and dijeridu, via Zoom, Skype, JamKazam, and Google Hangouts. Marc can also teach outdoors social-distanced. Contact: marcsmason.com, worldmusicetc@gmail.com, 206-261-6445

Murl Allen Sanders.

Offers jazz piano and accordion instruction. Murl is interested in working with motivated intermediate level young people. Contact: murl@murlallensanders.com, 206-781-8196 (text/voice)

Neil Welch photo by Daniel Sheehan.

Neil Welch.

Offers individual lessons saxophone (all voices), clarinet, and improvisation on all instruments, via Zoom. Areas of focus include: foundational studies, technical advancement in concert band and jazz band, the art of improvisation, building skill and confidence in the jazz language, and exploratory improvisation. Neil teaches grade school, 5–12, adult, semi-professional, and professional. Whether you are a beginning student or a professional musician, there is a place for you with Neil. Neil has over 15 years of experience as a private teacher, including classroom and nonprofit instruction for Seattle’s leading music education organizations. He believes strongly in the power of mentorship, and knows that private lessons provide students an opportunity to grow as artists and as people. Neil has a passion for teaching and community-building, and always works hard to create a fun, engaging environment for every member of his studio. Contact: neilwelch.com/lessons, neilwelch1@gmail.com

Osama Afifi.

Offers individual and group lessons to all ages in upright bass and electric bass, via Zoom and FaceTime. Osama teaches from beginners to advanced players. Contact: osamaafifi@hotmail.com, 206-877-2285

Peter Cramer.

Offers individual lessons to ages 8 and up in piano, voice, saxophone, clarinet, and flute, via Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and video call. Peter also teaches theory, transcription, and arranging. Contact: petercramermusic.com, pj13cramer@gmail.com, 612-308-5248

Ronan Delisle.

Offers individual and group lessons to all ages in guitar, composition, and theory, via Zoom and Skype. Contact: ronandelislemusic@gmail.com

Ryan Burns.

Offers individual lessons to all ages in piano, bass, and guitar with a specialty in intermediate to advanced jazz piano, via Zoom and in person. Ryan is Berklee taught. Contact: burienschool.com, music@burienschool.com

Samantha Boshnack.

Offers individual and group lessons to ages 10 and up in trumpet, via Zoom. Contact: boshnackmusic.com, sboshnack@hotmail.com, 206-412-7350

Susan Palmer.

Offers individual lessons to ages 10 and up in guitar, via Facetime and Skype. Susan teaches the fundamentals of music using a clear structure that is tailored to each student’s goals and learning style. Susan wrote “The Guitar Lesson Companion” method book series to help make teaching and learning the fundamentals of music easier and more effective, and today thousands of guitarists use these books. Susan also offers a free five-year online course based off the syllabus she used while teaching guitar at Seattle University from 2006–18. Contact: leadcatpress.com


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December 24, 2020