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Danielle Leigh photo by Lisa Sorbe and Chris Nutter photo courtesy of Chris Nutter.

Continuing our series, Earshot Jazz would like to introduce you to our board members. They’re a group whose work often goes unnoticed by the broader public, but we value their expertise and their dedication to Earshot Jazz. This month, we’d like to recognize Chris Nutter and Danielle Leigh, who have recently moved on from the Earshot Jazz board, however in this issue we would like to recognize their service over the years.

Chris Nutter

Chris Nutter joined the board in October 2018 and became the Secretary in late 2019, where he served with gusto and attention to detail. Among his many tasks, one of his important contributions was drafting the Earshot Jazz Board Book. 

Chris grew up in California listening to and loving all kinds of music, including jazz. Education, travel, and work took him to many different parts of the world where he was exposed to more cultures and different kinds of music. Mister Nutter was trained as an architect and practiced for a bit, but now I’m a consultant more involved in projects gone wrong. 

Before leaving, Mister Nutter shared some beautiful sentiments about the joys and necessities of music. “I think that music, in all of its forms, is more important than most people realize. It may not be the air, water, food, or shelter that we need for basic survival. But it is the next most important element we need to lift our spirits, deepen our feelings, and to expand the enjoyment of life.”

Danielle Leigh

Danielle Leigh photo by Lis Sorbe

Danielle Leigh joined the board in August 2015. She served as Vice President, then as Board President from 2017-2020. She led the board with great passion for the art form and for Earshot Jazz, and brought a strong professionalism that helped guide the org through their capacity-building. She believed strongly in supporting local arts organizations, but was most interested in supporting local musicians, music venues and community radio.

Danielle was exposed to jazz and to the local jazz community while attending Cornish College of the Arts from 2003-2005. Learning from, and beside, some of Seattle’s most talented jazz musicians, she developed a deep appreciation for the artform and the artists who dedicate their lives to the creation and evolution of jazz.

From all of us at Earshot, thank you Chris and Danielle, for your service on the board. We wish you the best on all future endeavors.


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December 2, 2021