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Inspired by Women Composers
Ann Reynolds

2021, CD BABY


Composer Ann Reynolds has invited us in for the celebration of a lifetime: Inspired by Women Composers, performed by the Ann Reynolds Trio, is a must-listen for any lover of the women of jazz. We highly recommend giving it a listen this month. It’s short, sweet, and beyond divine.

In this succint, four-part series, Ann Reynolds, Kelsey Mines, and Christopher Icasiano pay tribute to four iconic and influential female composers: Mary Lou Williams, Carla Bley, Geri Allen, and Christine Jensen.

The record introduces itself with “Mood Mary Lou”, a sultry ode to the late Mary Lou Williams. Williams’ memory lives on through this spirited interpretation of her signature style. The sound here is old-school and lusty, a full-bodied sonic experience that transforms one’s space into a vintage speakeasy.

The second track, “Delightful Wackiness,” is a playful and charming tribute composed for Carla Bley, a master of the free jazz movement. What begins as a seemingly simple tune, suddenly and chaotically composes itself into the track’s centerpiece: a drum and bass solo, overtaken afterward by the same style of piano play that Reynolds opens the track with. This tune has that classic, jazzy down-to-earth vibe.

“The Earth Burns” takes us on a thoughtful jaunt through the mind of Geri Allen, one of the most talented innovators of her time. It’s a stand-out composition, taking the listener through the full gamut of human emotion. Soaring highs melt into crushing, heavy lows, with contemplative bridges connecting all of the dots. You may also be interested to know that this haunting and frank arrangement serves doubly as a tribute to the portion of the Australian bush lost in the wildfires of 2019, as well.

Finally, we arrive at “A Sliver of the Moon”. This final number takes us on a soulful, resonant reverie full of subtle, poignant twists and turns, reminiscent of Christine Jensen’s heady sound. It’s a sprightly and refreshing send-off worthy of these four extraordinary women, concluding an album that one shall not soon forget. Purchase the album here.


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March 2, 2022