On the Scene

Jason Chambliss and Rebecca Marriott photo by Lisa Hagen Glynn

On the Scene is a series that invites budding and professional photojournalists to share another lens of Seattle’s vibrant jazz scene. Our thanks to Lisa Hagen Glynn for these photos from the Annual Seattle Jazz Musician’s Hang at the Owl ‘N Thistle and Jim Levitt for photos from the Uniting for Jeremy Bacon fundraiser at The Royal Room. Earshot Jazz is dedicated to amplifying the voices and stories of artists and community members alike. The photos in this series are the photographer’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of Earshot Jazz. Submissions are accepted at tinyurl.com/ejmagazine.

Jennifer Mellish and Mark Ivester by Jim Levitt

Nate Omdal photo by Jim Levitt

Michael Glynn and Jory Tindall photo by Jim Levitt

Jeremy Bacon, Paul Gabrielson, Stefan Schatz, and Alexey Nikolaev. Photo by Jim Levitt

Ron Peters and Alex Peters. Photo by Lisa Hagen Glynn

Thomas Marriott photo by Lisa Hagen Glynn

Jackson Cotugno, Tim Kennedy, and Mark Hubenthal. Photo by Lisa Hagen Glynn



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December 29, 2023