Letter from the Director


We Can’t Do It Without You

Thank you for an amazing year! With special thanks, as always, to the musi­cal artists, students, and educators who work so hard to ensure a strong future for jazz here in Seattle. The Earshot Jazz organization is hard at work reinforcing that important bridge between the bril­liant artists of the day, and the public who support live performances and re­cordings. And we need your financial support.

We’re especially proud that DownBeat magazine ran its review of this year’s Earshot Jazz Festival under the headline, “Earshot Serves as Platform for Thriving Seattle Scene.” That’s the essence of our work: to celebrate Seattle’s place in the global jazz community while featuring local and emerging artists alongside international jazz masters. Ticket sales offset only half of the fes­tival’s production expenses, and none of its administrative costs; we need your financial support to build on this legacy of service.

In addition to the projects with Jay Thomas, Seattle Modern Orchestra, and Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra that Paul de Barros mentions in the DownBeat piece, the recent festival also debuted two successful Seattle Jazz showcase nights, helped to raise awareness and funding for this pivotal time in the Washington Middle School/Garfield High School pipeline, and introduced the Trace Generations project, which is designed to link established musicians with recent graduates who are now ready to enter the professional field. Your financial support allows us to keep ticket prices low, and to focus on the intrinsic value of our programming, rather than its potential for profitability.

This is such a rich time for jazz. Whether we’re seeing the cumulative effect of the growing emphasis on jazz education programs, or the natural evolution of the art form, this year’s festival left no doubt that the “sound of surprise” also has the ability to nourish the spirit in times of need. You can support the next concerts by remarkable young artists who are set to make the future of jazz even richer.

Please make a donation to Earshot Jazz today. You decide on the amount that fits your budget, and make a contribution to help bring inspiration and dedication to Seattle stages.

Thank you!!

–John Gilbreath, Executive Director


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November 26, 2019