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Please Support Earshot Jazz

The Earshot Jazz organization reflects and embellishes one of the most vibrant, productive, and storied jazz communities in the world. We can only do that with your financial support. We’re coming to you in this issue with a celebration of the art and artists we all support, and with a direct appeal to you for a meaningful year-end gift.

You can EARmark your donation to support any or all of these established, respected program areas, then go to earshot.org to make a donation: The Earshot Jazz newsletter spreads the word on Seattle artists, educators, and presenters every month. Your support means that Earshot can be found, free of charge, in bookstores, coffee shops, music venues, grocery stores, and corner news boxes all around the city. Together, we’ve delivered close to two million free copies into the community since 1985. The newsletter generates less than one-third of its annual costs through advertising sales, your member support will guarantee its availability for years to come.

Please donate now at earshot.org

Earshot.org carries up-to-the-minute performance information and news of our home jazz community. Your support will expand day-to-day capabilities with artist and educator directories, and help a campaign to digitize the entire 34-year collection, creating a searchable, open source chronicle of one of the most vibrant jazz scenes in America.

Make a call to donate at 206-547-6763

Support of Seattle artists For 28 years, Earshot Jazz has produced annual juried concert series and awards programs that publicly recognize outstanding work by Seattle-area artists. We assist artists through performance opportunities, grant-applications, and career advancement work, and we support area jazz education programs with publicity and fundraising. Your donation can supplement programs that give directly to jazz artists and education.

Please visit us at earshot.org to make a donation

Concert presentations Besides producing Seattle’s major jazz festival, Earshot Jazz presents concerts through the year and advocates for jazz through collaboration with other cultural institutions. Earshot provides major festival stages for young, emerging artists, student ensembles, and masters of the art form, often presenting creative projects by artists who would not find another stage here. We rely on your financial support to assure that important generative artists have the support they need to present their work and develop their careers, and that Seattle audiences can enjoy the full spectrum of jazz expression.

Please join us with a financial contribution that fits both your budget and your passion for creative music. Go online to earshot.org or call 206-547- 6763, right now. Your donation is very important. Make a contribution, in any amount. It’s quick and secure, much needed and gratefully appreciated. Thank you

John Gilbreath, Executive Director


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November 30, 2018