Vitamin D & Drum Orbit

Chapel Perfomance Space

Drum Orbit is a new experimental quintet led by turntable artist and producer Vitamin D, featuring Kassa Overall on drums, Darrius Willrich on keys, Evan Flory-Barnes on bass, and Gerson Zaragoza on guitar. We seek to expose music lovers to new ways of looking at music while acknowledging ancestral traditions and rhythms.

Christian Pincock’s Scrambler

Chapel Perfomance Space

The inspired trombonist Christian Pincock spins jazz, classical music, folk music, and sound effects through a conducted improv sign language called Soundpainting. His relatable collages are imbued with unexpected juxtapositions.

Battle Trance

Chapel Perfomance Space

The genre-defying ensemble of four tenor saxophonists performs the music of Travis Laplante who is joined by Matthew Nelson, Jeremy Viner, and Patrick Breiner, all pushing their instrument to the limit, circular breathing hypnotic waves of sound and blistering runs to create intricate textures