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  • Entries are reviewed twice weekly; please submit at least a week in advance
  • Check the Jazz Around the Sound list to see if your event is already online
  • “Event Title” should include name of principal artist or group. Please keep it short!
  • A brief modifier such as "CD Release” is acceptable in the title
  • Do not list all artist names in the title, enter that info in the "Event Description”
  • For special guests, "featuring” or “with” may be used in the title
  • It is not necessary to include the venue name in the title
  • Select the “Venue” from the drop-down menu provided (Note: we do not publish house concerts)
  • FOR ONLINE EVENTS: Select the venue "Livestream Event" and include platform and access information in the event description
  • For questions or requests regarding your listing, email Jazz Calendar

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